• Noelle McMurtry

Desiderata & The Next Decade

While vacationing in Ithaca this summer, I came across a print from Larch Tree Press of a poem that I had never encountered before, Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. Originally published in 1927, it was relatively obscure throughout the poet’s lifetime, but rediscovered in the mid-20th Century to great acclaim. Upon reading it, I was immediately struck by the simplicity of Ehrmann’s message, which acts as a guide to peacefully navigating a world that is often tumultuous and confusing.

Its title, desiderata, is a Latin phrase, meaning “things desired, wanted, or needed.” As I prepare for my 30th birthday in the upcoming weeks, I can’t help but see the timeliness of this expression, especially as I reflect on the past decade of my life. When I examine my 20’s, a single thread remains constant: my passion for music and my genuine desire to share it with others. As I look to the possibilities that my 30’s may bring, I realize that what I “desire, want, or need” most for my future self is this continual commitment to a life in music. While evolving into a singer is a path often filled with uncertainty and chaos, I still find it to be the purest means of breaking down the narrow confines of my own experience to connect with a larger world.

Within this period of personal transition, I embarked on the project of creating my website. I hope that this site, as well as my blog, serve as a platform to share the musical work I’ve accomplished so far, where I hope my voice will lead me, and any insights I have about the craziness that will inevitably ensue.

This project would not have been possible without the expertise, time, and sharp eye for detail of Kendra Berentsen from Lyra Designs. I am truly grateful for the sensitivity with which she interpreted my ideas and the tireless hours that she spent in bringing this website to life.

I feel that it is only fitting to conclude this post with the words of Desiderata, which have the uncanny ability to reveal the balance and beauty that exist around us, as long as we choose to approach our lives with clarity and gentleness of spirit.

I welcome you to my website, my blog, and the next decade of my life!

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