Here Be Sirens

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Here Be Sirens

March 8th, 2020 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Here Be Sirens, an opera by NYC-based composer Kate Soper, explores, with wit, humor and pathos, the lives of Homer’s three Sirens: Peitho, Phaino, and Polyxo. As they spend eternity trapped on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, compelled to endlessly lure sailors to their deaths on the rocky shore, each Siren embarks on a unique journey to comprehend the meaning of her own existence.

Noelle McMurtry performs as Polyxo with Camille Crossot (Peitho) and Julie Bosworth (Phaino). Here Be Sirens is part of the IN Series Women Composers Festival.

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Brian K. Shaw, Director
Johnathan Dahm Roberston, Set Design
Marianne Meadows, Lighting Design
Donna Breslin, Costume Design


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