Premiere Event for German Romantics: Louise

The second installment of The Pleiades Project’s German Romantics inspires with the fascinating biographical tale of composer, pianist, teacher, and conductor Louise Reichardt (1779-1826), who overcame catastrophic loss to craft an independent lifestyle and freelance career for herself. 

Set to Reichardt’s poignant and sensitive songs and with original dialogue by director Caroline Miller, German Romantics: Louise brings an often overlooked and underappreciated composer and her music to life, inspiring a new generation to reimagine the creative contributions of yet another remarkable nineteenth-century woman composer.

Join us for the premiere event of German Romantics: Louise on
INVISION! The event will include a presentation on the life and Lieder of Louise Reichardt by Noelle McMurtry, a discussion with the creative team, and a virtual meet-and-greet. As a bonus, we will announce our third and final German Romantic composer, and the fabulous singer who will portray her!

Hannah Alexandra (soprano) stars as Louise with Marina Iwao (piano) and Eric Sedgwick (piano).

Caroline Miller, Director

Elizabeth Van Os, Director of Photography
Caroline Miller, Audio Editing
Caroline Miller, Costume Design
Noelle McMurtry, Dramaturg